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- A new proposal of World of Kung Fu in 2009
- An advanced and original world
- Dofus: Lop strength build guide
- Atlantica: Individual Dungeons FAQs
- Corner of the city

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 A new proposal of World of Kung Fu in 2009 Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


 The World of Kung fu Gold should be a timely evolution of the world. It should be an ethnic Chinese into the pubic elements of everyday life, and should be a continuous strong expansion of the virtual world, hope is a forever existence of online games. It should be to create more to attract a wide range of consumer of public and special populations in the game elements, the content must be rich enough.

   Please step up efforts to investigate all types of WoKf gold can be set up in the game. In the notice the wall, investigate the wall should to increase the interaction between know and timely adjust all kinds of items games events swaps rate and the prizes, with the mail of goods separate games. Do not let people too tired to play another upset gradually lost popularity. Add artisans craftsmen line construction and decoration, fashion shops and craftsmen tailors recommendations.

    It is true that buy World of Kung fu Gold to add more rudimentary fashion and to do some changes to the players to use and can create. You can add property settings can be relatively advance fashion mall or for a smaller, more difficult to reduce the production there is no need soul and the low rate of violent items, use the games to the production of currency and trade. Fashion and combat equipment can add separate property so that the balance, the major combat equipment simply add property, add property fashion status attached.

     The cheap World of Kung fu Gold can help you combat equipment of the production. Such as, weapons, forging, refining, repair craftsmen like go to the large wear separate property, and should consider increasing the utilization rate of all types of materials. The craftsmen line can make the construction of additional rural residential areas, martial arts, restaurants, town hall set up door to door trip, craftsmen union halls, union bounty hall.

      Use the World of Kung fu money may change the door to door battle for offensive and defensive resident. Door to door appearance of the building are different, can be craftsmen employment decoration. The characters in the building damage repair data should not be too much money. Artisans craftsmen prestigious exchange warehouse capacity, relatively speaking stanching instrument can be smaller capacity add. Add restaurant recommendations about restaurants, food synthesis and cook focus on this type of venues, from grocery store separation and the production of instrument function.

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 An advanced and original world Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


  There are Entropiauniverse ped in the Entropia Universe, and it is an advance and original exist in the world, and you can see the primitive in the world. You can also see high tech pretty strange, but the outer planet has what it should not happen, also has a fixed game. Monetary and currency exchange feature of reality, in addition to this, there is no special about the game.

   We know, the Entropia Universe Gold can exchange the real money of the reality. And the entropia universe is real virtual universe. This means that you can make a lot of things. A lot of things, including you in real life will be much to do and what the future behavior, in this world you can make a series of acts, such as hunting, mining, manufacturing, sewing, etc. this will put me over the past known as the occupation. For me those things are more willing to do.

  The world you are enjoying in Entropia Universe Money can entertainment and get to know new friends. Height of the virtual universe, and let good at making a living and functioning of enterprises, a lot of people have the chance to open shops, to do trade. And easy, so have the entrepreneurial talents of the people on the knowledge and skill in competition with each other. Buy an apartment, or even a luxury home, then you can place a variety of furniture and ornaments.

   This economic structure lead Buy Entropia Universe Gold has one kinds of real value in the real world. You will experience the real world with a completely different life, and the use of a variety of skills or the experience of different techniques in theory at the game you can be proficient in the having the skills, have set up organizations in all of the Entropia Universe and creat benefits for colonization.

You can use cheap Entropiauniverse ped to purchase various items of course, there are need to change. Into PED, sp if you keep to 10USD at the world of the game than you will have 100PED, of course, you can also put PED converted into USD. But the premise is you must use the purchase of 20 US dollars. Buy a gold card, which is, money changes, and card. You just can learn how to construct a new life. The real exchange economy is the game advantage. And the game is a classic game in the world.


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 Dofus: Lop strength build guide Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Lops are one of the top damage classes of dofus kamas, without need of huge buffing. Lops have various spells to add damage to their attacks, spells to damage opponents, field manipulation and others which will be introduced later on. To start with tell about the characteristics, as we are going to make a strength imp we will add every single characteristic points to the stat strength, as it is the main characteristic of this build.

I know vitality is very tempting in kamas, especially at the lower levels, but it is not worth it as you will get a spell which boosts your health points and the bonuses you get after level 100 every time you level. The agility is useful, but we better get this by scrolling or from equipment. Wisdom helps you level up faster, every point of wisdom benefits you 1 of your base experience you gain from the monster you killed, sounds useful and it is, but we better not spend any points on this as we can get it from equipment and scrolls.

You may be feeling intelligence in cheap kamas, not very useful for us strength lops but if you decide to go hybrid at higher levels you might want to scroll it up. Chance, boosts you prospecting, scroll it if you feel like it. I am so stupid I told you about scrolling without explaining what it is. Scrolling characteristics happens by exchanging resources gathered from monsters as drops to NPCs in exchange of characteristic scroll, for example you need x100 mush thorn to make one small scroll of strength which adds 1 strength if your strength is under 25.

You are going to be getting crab pincers which like dofus gold, depending on which server you are on. You should get around 100 in 30 minis. People will buy the crab pincers because they are used for strength scrolls. Remember fast making money in Dofus is very important. So place a perch and start fighting crabs and go down to the suffocate gate and go to 8.22.

It is true that buy dofus kamas can help you get a high level in short time. Scrolling might be a bit hard if you are just starting out, so worry about this after you have your level higher and got extra dofus kamas to spare. And last, hope it is useful to you when you build guide in the Lop of the dofus kamas game.

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 Atlantica: Individual Dungeons FAQs Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


 Individual dungeons are very good for money in Atlantica online Gold. Below are the FAQs guides about it hope it is helpful to you. How exactly does it work? Like, once you get there, how do you win the dungeons? You get the key from battle points. Once you go in, there is 41 or 42 mobs, kill them all to win.

  Is it solo able in the Atlantica Gold? Can I do it by myself? If not now, then at what IVI can I solo it? It is solo able later on 100 usually, maybe earlier with a good team. I can not remember specifically when I started soloing. You need to be in a party to do it with someone else, and only 1 party per indie dungeon. Each participate gets 1 reward box in their mailbox after the dungeons is completed successfully.

  It is not too bad, you should survive pretty well with buy Atlantica online Gold if you equipment is up to date. Best way to know is to try it out. Team of 3 is recommended early on, but later you will be able to do it with 2. Once you can solo the mobs, but maybe not kill at the same time, a lot of people will split the map, someone goes left, and the other goes right. Sometimes a 3 will kill the center and work on the side of the slower person, then once all the mobs other than the boss are dead, team up again for the boss fight to finish off the dungeon.

  Someone would like me who just reached IVI90 be able to survive more than one hit because cheap Atlantica online Gold. Monk is primarily used to holy guard the frontlines which would protect against the gunners wild shot, their secondary function is to get rid of any stunning that the gunners may get off. The job is to use freezing axe on the front row of gunners to lessen the actions taken by them.

The work of the reward system works without Atlantica online money. The job of the Viking is to use lighting spear to further lessen the actions o the front row of gunners plus the gunners in the second row. So multiple ppl do it at the same time and the people have to be in the same party, if that so, can only 3 ppl do it at once.


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 Corner of the city Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


  A person at different places always bored; there is no understanding of people, not familiar with the matter, so the total of a love of people in cities likes to walk around every corner, a person with nothing, from one street to another street, looking at the strange person and the unfamiliar things.

  I like to find love in the corner. In my view, what we have to seek is love. The world is full of love. In the ocean of love, what should we do? What we do is to search love. Love is beautiful, love is more, and love makes you feel at ease. I have to know where the love is. When I have World of Kung fu Gold, I find a place which is full of love.

  I never had a dream come true. Somewhere in my memory, I have lost all sense of time. I never found the words to say, you are the one I think about each day. No matter how I try and try, I just can not say goodbye. You will always be the one I know I will never forget. You will always be the dream that fills my head. WoKf gold, you make me be at a loss.

  Even though I pretend that I moved on, I have never forgotten you forever. And I know no matter where life takes me to, a part of me will always be with you. I know life without you will be no any meaning. When my dream come true, cheap World of Kung fu Gold, could you tell me and help me? I need your help, and need your spirit on me. In the corner of the city, I find it.

  A lot of people want to go to the boom place, but I am difference with them. I want to realize the hard life, on account of that love in the bad environment is true. Even though, the city is boom, the heart is lonely. As a result, when I go to the boom place, I will buy World of Kung fu Gold, if it accompanies with me, I am not feel lonely. Cities have a lot of corners of the therein, and a lot of things I can not speak out, and when people are making an effort to escape from those corners when I went step by step. I like this feeling. Perhaps some people think I am foolish, but I can care about. I except one day I can leave World of Kung fu money, and one person in the strange place.

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